In 1977, a group of local parishioners obtained the consent of the Catholic Dioceses in Stockton to set up a preservation committee by forming Save Our Saint Anne’s Church, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (see cross link to 501(c)(3) filings).  The goal of each member of the Committee is to work to keep it as a working church and to maintain and publish its historic character.

Save Our Saint Anne’s Church is technically a California ___ benefit corporation, corporate number CO901776 __________, and a tax exempt support organization under Section 502(c), IRS No. 94-2552918.  _______ organization which connects _____ fully tax deductible contributions.   As such, one purpose of the committee, like all charitable organizations, is to raise funds for its general purpose.    The Church is owned by the entity which is part of the Diocese of Stockton.  As such, the Diocese of Stockton is the ultimate decision maker as to the changes made to the Church.

The organization is a committee of people who volunteer their time.  The focal point of much of this volunteer time is on work days, arranging the quarterly Masses actually held in the Church, and facilitating the use of the Church for weddings and historical tours of the Church by the public and by schools.

Fundamentally, the Committee is about people.  Saint Anne’s has a spiritual quality __________ the churches of the world.  Each of the Committee members recognizes this quality and works to keep the Church open so that others can enjoy the Church.

The history of the Committee is that in 1977 the Parish had closed a church in Jamestown and was on the verge of closing Saint Anne’s due to a concern that Saint Anne’s was not correctly built to survive an earthquake.  The Committee was formed to collect funds from the local community to correct any construction issues.  As it turned out, the entire roof needed new joists, the ceiling needed reinforcing, and the bell tower required a new cement foundation and steel I-beams to stabilize the structure.  All of this was done through the hard work of the founders.  Two of the founders were Jerome Solari and Rafael Solari.  They then prevailed on their green, fresh out of law school nephew, William Solari, to form the entity and arrange its legal compliance.  Angela Brown agreed to spearhead as President of the Committee, with Alice Hardin, Brenda Alice ___, and ___ and ___ ___.  The fund raising included ___ and ___ hosting a radio telethon to raise funds in the community.  History shows that the fund raising was successful and the Committee has continued for the last 30 years, with a new set of faces and _________ young lawyer becoming President.

St. Anne's Catholic Church, Columbia, CA