St. Anne’s Church was not the first Catholic Church erected in Columbia.  The first church was erected in 1852 and was a log frame and canvas structure surmounted by a small wooden cross.

Later a new church was built on the east side of Gold Street.  This building was one of the few that were spared during the disastrous fire of July, 1854.

It is of interest to note that all of the building materials used in the construction of the church were of local origin.  The foundation is from native stone.  The brick is from a kiln, the   remains of which can still be viewed just off Shaw’s Flat Road.  The timber used was obtained from Saw Mill Flat.

The cemetery on the hill below the Church was actually put to use several years prior to the completion of the church. The church was officially opened to services in March, 1856, and Fr. Slattery was the first priest to celebrate Mass.  It was not until later that same year (November 2, 1856) that St. Anne’s Church was officially dedicated by Archbishop Alemany from San Francisco.

The Save Our St. Anne’s Committee continues to work faithfully to maintain and protect this unique monument through the generosity of visitors and gifts to our Memorial Program.

St. Anne's Catholic Church, Columbia, CA